Sarah #2 #darknessiscoming #teaser

Though she liked Jess, Sarah was a little afraid of her because of the hypnotic light burning inside her, and seemed that it wanted to whisk her away from everything she knew. The light was familiar, reminding her of what she’d seen the afternoon the monster chased through the woods and into the house, scaring... Continue Reading →

Stephen Geez – Blog Tour Day 1

Comment from Stephen Geez Greetings! Please join me in thanking our host, and be sure to follow. Today is Day 1 of my 4 Wills Publishing blog tour to tout Fantasy Patch, my media thriller. I’m offering a short sample of the Prologue today. Then I hope you’ll like snippets from the book this week,... Continue Reading →

The Beast #darknessiscoming #teaser

It landed on the damp soil with a splash, not being given the chance of life. Light poured from the opening in the air, welcoming it. A pinpoint of darkness marred the brightness, taking its attention. The point grew, blocking the light from its sight as a voice, soothing and kind, calmed it, offering it... Continue Reading →

Gareth – #darknessiscoming #teaser

Gareth had watched the exchange from the top floor of the City Building, wishing hidden mics lurked in the flowers so he could have heard the tender moment they had shared. His broad, yellow grin gleamed from the light pouring through the windows, which also made his nude body glow, revealing each dimple of cellulite,... Continue Reading →

Sarah – #Darknessiscoming

Sarah skipped along the landing to her bedroom door when a clicking from downstairs drew her attention from her merriment. Moving along the railing, she stopped at the best spot to peer through railings to the front door and not be seen. Two women came inside. One, she’d seen before and didn’t like much; besides... Continue Reading →

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