Hydrangeas on the Lanai 2014 #NaNoWriMo Winner Now Available $2.99

Hydrangeas on the Lanai is now available on Smashwords.

Alexis is a beautiful woman who is used to living comfortably. She loves her husband, though she knows he isn’t faithful. In her mind, all she needs to do to keep him is give him a child, but she cannot. When her husband is mysteriously killed, she finds sadness and depression running rampant in her life again. A simple invitation to Parsons Manor brings her exciting feelings and memories. Though she questions the intent of the invitation, she readily accepts, and is whisked away to her childhood home filled with secrets. Only one person is brave enough to answer to her questions, and she learns more than she expects.

#CircusTarot and #AmericanHorrorStoryFreakShow

I don’t remember being this excited for a TV Show to start, except for HBO’s short-lived series Carnivàle, than I am with FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show. In the trailers I see delightful pictures of the freaks, which are similar to the characters I created in the Circus Tarot trilogy. I’m not saying that FX stole anything (yet), but it does seem that a similar voice has the same twisted look on things as I do, right down to the creepy Clowns.
I’ve been intrigued by the world of freak shows and circuses since I was a kid and probably one of the reasons that Circus Tarot came into being. After seeing the 1952 movie The Greatest Show on Earth(with James Stewart as Buttons the Clown, who never cleaned his Clown makeup off because he was hiding his true identity for something horrible he’d done), my brother and I made a tent out of a blanket tucked under the mattress of the top bunk bed and tied to a chair. Our toys were the performers and/or audience.
I was five or six when a traveling Circus stopped in our dusty little town, Shoshoni, WY, further fueling my excitement and fear of these peculiar shows. They gave all the kids a minicandy bar with a raffle ticket inside and I was a lucky winner. My heart thumped in my chest when a Clown with rancid breath approached me in the stands, offering its hand to escort me to Center Ring (the only ring) where an overflowing treasure chest filled with small toys and charms waited. Digging playfully through the toys, peeking mischievously at me from time to time, the Clown found the perfect prize for me—a cheap pink plastic whistle. I was not impressed with what it gave me after seeing all the fantastic prizes I could have had. My brother agreed that I was gypped. This spectacle was followed by the parade of normal circus acts, only on a very small scale. We also attended a few Shriner’s Circuses during the summers, which were very similar to this rinky-dink show. The last Circus I attended was a Shriner Circus. As we were leaving, mom said the animals were treated cruelly and we never returned.
Then there were the Carnivals that set up at the Fremont County Fairgrounds in Riverton, WYafter the County Fair ended. In my mind and honestly I don’t know where the idea came from, I anticipated seeing Bearded Lady, Tall Man and Fat Woman, midgets, Fortune Teller, jugglers, Fire Breather, Clowns (however much they freaked me out), Strong Man and other sublime sights of the freak show. Disappointment found me each year as there weren’t any of these spectacles—already being plagued with nightmares, it was probably a good thing. The carnies, who mom kept a watchful eye on since they could not be trusted, were enticing, nonetheless, with their musky scents mixed with patchouli, tattoos, and almost tattered clothing, as they called out for us to play their fairway games or gave us mystical looks as we got on rides. They had a magic about them that would not let me take my eyes from them as we passed them to find the rides, wondering if what mom said about them was true. And in hind sight, no matter what mom said, we were probably safer with the carnies than on the rides.
Now comes adult life and the closet I’ve been to a Circus or Carnival are amusement parks, drag shows (both as a performer and observer), and the underground Goth scene (just another form of drag). However, the thought of them still makes my heart pound and my palms sweat, thinking about the magic they possess. Circus Tarot is the embodiment of how Circuses and Carnivals feel to me. Each character touches senses and emotions, finding beauty in all creatures however ugly or deranged. Some characters are sensual or overtly sexual, while others are reflective and calm contrasted with aggressive angry characters. Each suit or House, as I call them, are Races—Clowns, Midgets, Poles, the Ladies and Gentlemen, and the main attractions of the Circus and Freak Show.
You can find Circus Tarot and Page of Buckets (the third is in the works) at your favorite bookstore in ebook and paperback formats. See the Books page for each.

Hunger Coming October 2014 – #CoverReveal

Excerpt from Hunger:

The voice moved around him, admiring his vocation, his family and most of all, him. It flattered Reynard unabashedly, to the point of nausea. It cooed in his ear as he held Jerome in his arms or copulated with Fine, then it soothed him to sleep. 
I want to show you things, it tempted. The sights will astonish you with your strong mind and constitution. The treats I wish you to enjoy will fill your stomach like nothing you have enjoyed before. Your strong, nimble hands will search out textures never felt by them before. Most of all, I will fill you with a new life.
“I do not understand.” Reynard said. “Do you refer to the strange dreams I have but cannot remember when I wake?”
If you wish to remember your dreams, commit to me, it said, toying with him.
“What is this commitment you speak of on so many occasions?”
It is for your safety and to open your eyes.
“Safety from what?”
It is an invaluable gift that you will receive but you have to be sure you want it.
Reynard was curious about what it wished to give him. The answers lead him to more questions. He was intrigued, more because it would not tell him what it would give him and what it wanted in return.
The game it played with him felt as though it courted him. Still, it was careful not to tell him anything, only vague suggestions to keep his interest. More than a month passed with it swirling around him and the conversation remained the same. 
 The power I want to give you, will allow all your dreams to come true.
“How?” he asked.
By feeding the hunger.
“The hunger for what?”
Come. It guided him through the city to unfamiliar surroundings. Here we are.
A wagon, pulled by a shabby mule, stopped in the intersection. Two men stepped down from the bench; one went to the back of the wagon and unlatched the gate. From his position, Reynard could not see what was stored in the back. The man rejoined the other and they entered a home. 
He walked to the doorway. In the gray shadows of the room, Reynard saw them wrapping something in filthy sheets. 
“Step back,” one said with a growl, seeing him. “Unless you came to help.”
“Nah, he’s too pretty for that,” the other man said and chuckled.
Reynard backed away and turned his eyes to the backside of the trailer. He heard grunts behind him as the men lifted the wrapped parcel and walked briskly on the other side of the trailer. He stopped at the end and craned his neck to see the trailer’s cargo.
 “Oh great, a lookie-loo. Piss off!”
Reynard did not move. A hand fell out the sheet, its blackened fingers stiff and lifeless. He recognized the putrid scent of rotting flesh. His stomach churned and he felt its contents erupt from his mouth. Chunks of his dinner splattered on the ground.
The men laughed as they closed the gate. They shook their heads before returning to their positions on the wagon bench.
This will not happen to you, if you fulfill our needs, it assured. You watched your parents and siblings perish from the Black Death. You do not have to suffer it for yourself. You do not have to watch your flesh decompose as you still live.
Hunger ebook will be available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book retailers, as well as paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace on October 31, 2014