#ThursThreads A Deal’s A Deal

The cornflower-blue dress hung from wide straps over pink, freckled shoulders. Its square collar line edged higher on the back than the front displaying the soft valley of her cleavage. While the faded fabric pretended to the flow elegantly down her body, drying mud and wheat spores kept it humble. A soft breeze fluttered the hem bisecting scabbed knees.

Her thick, dark hair had been wrapped hastily at the back of her head, held in place with a twig she’d picked from the ground before entering the field. Closing her emerald eyes, she stopped her trek into the field, and bowed her head. She hated being here, and what she had to do, but a deal’s a deal.

Around her, amber stalks bent away from her in a perfect circle as though a microburst broke from above, crashing to the ground, and sending its tendrils to lay everything but her flat. She tilted her head back, bringing her sorrowful gaze to the sky. The tears she cried found their way to her hair, turning the dust to mud. The despair flowing from her wasn’t only for what lay in the future, but also for the loaves of the bread lost from this spoiled harvest.

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#ThursThreads Trust Me

Children’s laughter, carried on the warm breeze caressing the world outside the room, caught his master’s attention. He turned away from Mark, gazing again out the window, but not before Mark saw the beautiful man standing before him. His presence gave him the impression of a gargantuan being, but he was only inches taller than Mark at six foot six inches. Wonderful light emitted from his large eyes, filling the one submersed in the glow with a swirl of contradictory emotions, causing the flesh to pucker and flush, then turn cold to find in a moment that the fever burning within them had become a torrent—their body revolting against itself in rage that it isn’t as perfect as the man looking upon it. His full, pink lips, hiding perfect white teeth, made anyone want them upon their lips to take their pleasure, while knowing it could never be returned with millions of kisses. Tussled blond hair framed his tanned face, running in front of his ears to touch the edge of his square jaw. All this, in one glance, said, ‘Trust me.’

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#ThursThreads – Tying Tales Together – Week 153

Hating to look for Sean, Mariette stared listlessly into the shadowy room. She wanted to call out to him, but didn’t want to awaken Greg—she didn’t want to deal with him at the moment—she stomped her foot on the concrete floor instead. Her head twitched side to side, as she wondered why whenever she needed him for a special task, he was never to be found. Aggravation filled her as she closed the door, knowing he was somewhere nearby sleeping intently, and dreaming about, well, whatever it was that Sean dreamt.

Facing back into the large garage, the smells unique to automobiles filed her sinuses as her eyes bounced from shadow to shadow. She walked along the wall, tilting her head to the side to see under the town car as she made her way to the ladder leading to a storage area above the living quarters for the outside staff.

The ventilation fan spun high in the opposite wall causing moonlight to flash in the storage area. A few feet from her, she saw a glowing white foot sticking out from a stack of boxes. Her heart began to pound harder with every step. Peering around the boxes, a scream found passage from her throat. The white legs twitched and wide chartreuse eyes flashed open.

“Damn it, Sean,” she panted. “You know I don’t like it when you sleep like that.”

Sean completed his transformation from cat to human, then said, “I sleep much better this way.”

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#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tale Together – Week 137

The wind shook the town car as it made its way along the winding road to Parson Manor. The rain blurred landscape darted passed, unseen by Alexis though she stared out the window. Her mind was haunted by the thoughts of her departed fiancé, the one true love her life so suddenly taken from her.  He promised he would return and they would be off on their adventure. Before she knew it, a knock came to the door. She smiled, turning the doorknob, anticipating his strong arms around her. Her excitement turned to anguish as the policeman told her the unthinkable. Overtaken by grief, Alexis…

“Michelle?” Sam said, grimacing at the cover of the paperback he held in his hand, then glancing to her in the kitchen as she found a snack. “How can you read this crap?”

“They’re just fun to pass the time,” Michelle said, holding a bowl limply in one hand and caressing her dome of a belly with the other. “You know what I mean? Not like I have anything else to do while I wait for the triplets to arrive.”

* * * *

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#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 132

Alexis stared out the window at the dismal night, a rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. Now that she had heard the diabolical prophecy, she was astonished. She turned from the window, not wanting to see the rain.

“Take it back,” she said, holding back anguished tears. “You’re a beast, I will not marry you.”

Gabe stared into her eyes, satisfied with the misery he saw. “You cannot change your destiny, my dear.” His taught face stretched into a demonic grin.

“No,” she cried, rushing for the door, her sheer pale-green dress flowing behind her. “I have to leave.”

“Too late for that,” he said, grabbing her wrist.

He pushed her backward to a plush divan, sitting her down.  He bent, filling her with dread as he place a cold kiss on her forehead. Without saying another word, he returned to the door and left. She heard the click of the lock engaging in the dark wooden door. Frantic, she ran to the door. Panic filled her, anticipating her impending doom. Breathlessly, she slumped against the door, sliding down its smooth veneer.

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#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 114

The loose handcuffs teased him with freedom. Cole contorted his hand and slipped it through the metal loop, leaving it dangle from his other wrist. Blood trickled from a scrape—he watched it for a moment before standing. His new goal was clear; go get the man that locked him up.

Cole scrambled to the door and pulled it open. The sun burned his eyes, causing him to squint. Quickly, he surveyed his location.  Where, oh where are you hiding Mandrick? He thought. Movement in the trees across the clearing caught Cole’s attention. Mandrick stood defiantly with his arms crossed at his chest and stared with a taunting smirk.

“Really, dude?” Cole mumbled and ran toward his target.

He leapt and collided with the Mandrick. They wrestled on the ground, trying to dominate the other. The struggle continued for several minutes before Cole pulled away. There was no point in continuing, physically they were equals. The difference, between Cole and his twin, Mandrick, was the paths they chose.

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#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 112

Each woke to a new day and started their routines.  At first, none noticed that the world they knew when they fell asleep the night before had changed. The feelings each experienced were similar when they discovered the people they knew and loved were no longer there—when they discovered the great responsibility bestowed on them.

He parked the car and walked the short distance to the coffee shop. The windows were dark. He looked at his watch, 6:00 AM. The sign on the door read, CLOSED. Strange, he thought and returned to his car. He would have to drink the bitter coffee at work. Abandoned cars randomly littered the streets as he made his way across town. The annoying security guard was not at the front desk to shriek, ‘Good Morning!’ when he entered. He began working, anticipating the normal flow of employees to start funneling into the building. 8:00 AM and he was still the only one there. He explored the building and found no one. In the break room, a TV, showing an anchor desk with empty chairs, caught his eye. He flipped through the channels and stopped at a news channel from India. A woman sat in a chair, crying. She looked up, as though she knew he watched her.

“There has to be someone else out there,” she said, tears streaking her face. “I am just like you, alone. Please contact me.” She held up a sheet of paper with different forms of contact.